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(UMYF) for GRADES 7 – 12

What is UMYF?  Well, the United Methodist part comes from the whole UM church.  Youth includes everyone in 7th through 12th grades. Then Fellowship can be defined as:  1) friendly relationship; companionship; 2) community of interest, feeling;
3) communion, as between members of the same church; 4) an association of persons having similar tastes and interests; verb: to join in fellowship, esp. religious fellowship.  So, when you put them all together — you have youth who are connected (and friendly) through our church, St. George's United Methodist Church, to be together for a common goal of fellowship and connection through our faith in Jesus Christ.

St. George's UMYF is our fellowship group for youth in grades 7-12. It provides youth an opportunity to deepen their faith relationships, develop and express  leadership skills,  and to have fun.

UMYF meets on Sundays from 6:00-7:30 PM.  We share a light dinner (provided by parents in rotation) from  6:00-6:30 and ask that each participant bring $2 to contribute for costs.  Our program takes place from 6:30-7:30.

Missions Supported

The UMYF supports a variety of missions.  In addition to the ones listed below, we also work on  behalf of our church and preschool. We are an active, caring group!

ReCreation Experiences, based in Asheville, NC, "provides groups of youth, adults, and families with opportunities to share their  faith through home repair mission."  Each summer, the UMYF and St. George's send a team of youth and chaperones to work on a home in need.  (We take students who have completed 7th through students who have completed 12th grade.) Our youth have done everything from painting exteriors and interiors to roofing and putting on a deck. Stay tuned for information regarding our 2013 trip. To learn more about ReCreation itself, visit ReCreation ministries.

Rising Hope is a United Methodist Church established with the mission of "bringing the power of  Christ and the support of the church to the community living in poverty south of Alexandria, VA along the Route 1 Corridor of Fairfax County."  This active community sponsors a food kitchen, a clothing closet, and a gift closet, among its many church ministries. The UMYF has visited Rising Hope and helped set up its Vacation Bible School.  In addition, we  give a portion of every major fundraiser to its work. To learn more, visit Rising Hope UMC.

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